From New York to Los Angeles!

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We took a bike ride today with the kids – wasn’t even 10 miles – but we met a very cool guy along the way! We started near the trail head in Bath, PA (Nor-Bath Trail) and we saw this guy on a bike – loaded with gear. He had go-pros, water proof side bags, multiple water bottles mounted and all kinds of “through-gear” mounted…I was intrigued but just said hello as we passed.

We hopped on the trail, and it looks like he followed the road for a while. After a mile or two, the trail crossed another road, where I saw him headed towards the trail – he slowed and looked down the trail as we continued on….I didn’t know at the time, but he decided to take the trail as well…

We stopped at a park, took some pictures and eventually headed back. On our way back there he was on the side of the trail – so I had to stop and see what his deal was – all that gear – he’s definitely doing something out of the norm….

Turns out – he was from China – he came to the USA and started this bike trip in New York, with his goal to bike across the country to Los Angeles CA – Wow! His goal is to make it there in a few months (he estimated about 2 months) His goal for the day was to get near Harrisburg – there is a KOA (campground) there he would stay the night. We exchanged Instagram’s, snapped a picture and went on our way…so neat meeting him, and wish him safe travels – we will be following you on Instagram!

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