Gotta have a name!

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This weekend we traveled to Ithaca NY to a B&B with Lake Cayuga as our view. Although it rained almost all weekend, it was so good to get away and relax. We did manage to squeeze in a very short hike to Taughannock Falls, which they claim is three stories higher than Niagra Falls. With all the rain, the falls were raging – truly a magnificent view. We hiked in to see it from the bottom, but also drove to the lookout above the falls.

The RV days seem so far off – so these are the little get-a-ways we need to do to fill the gap between now, and the RV.

We also decided we need a name for all of our excursions – a brand if you will. Rene coined our new name “D&R Adventures”. So this will be our “label” on our outdoor life! The logo is of course in the works! We have a full summer ahead of us filled with adventure and fun!

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