One move down, one to go!

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It’s the end of November 2016, and Rene and I have now consolidated our homes into one! Our two dogs are happy, our two birds are happy, and of course we are too!

We previously lived about 40 minutes away – weekends consisted of one of us packing up and taking the dog and our kid to the other house. It’s pretty awesome to be together now, and we’re unpacking and finding a place for all of our things. In this process, we are again downsizing – donating unused clothes and giving tons of blankets to the local animal shelters. We have boxes full of things ready to sell at a garage sale – yet to be planned. Again, this gives us both a taste of living more simply with less, and gets us excited thinking about the “big” downsize to the RV some 1264 days away (but who’s counting?) 😉
The next 1264 days we plan to focus on saving as much money as possible. The goal of course is to make the transition to the RV with the least amount of debt as possible.

I’ve also been working on more ways for income during our RV travels – the more I can put things in place now, the less we will have to do during our travels. In addition to my web design business Gray Matter Creations, LLC, I also have a website Vector Factory which allows people with a logo or image to vectorize it – making it usable for larger projects like merchandise or billboards. My latest website Debt Payoff PDQ is almost ready to launch – this site uses a special algorithm to payoff debt quickly with the money you already make.

I am currently also researching e-commerce in terms of an online store – more on that in a later post!

I think the biggest worry fulltime RVer’s have is income – especially in our case, where we only want to stay in each spot for several days to several weeks – we do not plan on staying in one spot for more than a month max, there’s just too much to see! To allow this, we need to make sure we have a positive flow of income – even if it’s less than what we make now.

Things are certainly moving forward! And we’re excited to see what the future holds!

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